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National Library / African House of Photography

The National Library of Mali is a public library installed in Bamako, Mali.

After the French Institute of Black Africa created by the French colonizer and after independence became the Institute of Human Sciences. the Library of government, which then became National Library was first located Koulouba, before settling in 1968 in the district of Ouolofobougou. The library is located today in the Hamdallaye ACI 2000 neighborhood.

Its duties are defined by a 1984 Act:

  • Acquire, preserve and disseminate current literature pertaining to all sectors of human activity;
  • To contribute, as custodian of the national literary heritage, to communicate, defend and better use of Malian cultural values;
  • Create and encourage reading habits;
  • Participate with all public and private organizations and associations for the promotion of the book in the Republic of Mali.

Its collection, consisting of 60,000 documents, is made up of books provided by publishers (legal deposit was established in 1985), periodicals and audio, video and computer. These documents are freely available on site and some can be borrowed.

It hosts since 2004 the African House of Photography organizes the International Biennial of African Photography Encounters.

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