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Independence Remixed

Guest curator: Justin Davy – independent curator living and working in Cape Town, South Africa.
Location: Outdoors exhibition at the National Museum of Mali

In Independence Remixed, the young South African curator Justin Davy takes us behind the scenes of history, orchestrating an exploration that casts a spotlight on the music of the independence era to the present day with collections of vinyl records from Africa. This rich imagery, familiar to all Africans, is accompanied by photographic, film and audio archives as well as a series of very rarely exhibited photographs. These series shot by the famous South African photographer George Hallett document groups of musicians in exile in London during the 1970s. Using archives and contemporary
documents, the curator gives precedence to some prominent aspects of this rich history, fed by his research in Bamako and interviews with the music producers and DJs whose collections of vinyl records form the pictorial backbone of the exhibition. Independence Remixed thereby offers an analysis of the artistic, political and social impact on Africa of this musical out

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