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Afrofuturism: Transhumans Imagining A New Vision For Africa

Guest curator: Azu Nwagbogu – founder/director of the African Artists’ Foundation and the LagosPhoto Festival, curator at large for photography at the Zeitz Mocaa; lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.
Location: the Galerie Médina founded and run by Igo Diarra.
Artists: Samuel Fosso, Kadara Enyeasi, Osborne Macharia and Bob Mũchiri Njenga

This exhibition offers an odyssey to the heart of a different world revealed by works which aim to free each and every part of our regimented imaginations. The time frames and alternative narratives offered by the artists, inspired by history (such as Samuel Fosso with his remarkable series The Black Pope) or by African mythology and cosmology, technology, genetics and other disciplines, all represent fertile avenues for reassessing the developments of history and revealing the potential of other possible futures.

Institut Français
Ministère de la Culture de l’Artisanat et du Tourisme du Mali